ARMEX is a leading provider of professional facility management and operation services in Russia.

    The company ensures effective and trouble-free building system operation, provides most comfortable and safe indoor environment, optimizes operating expenses, maintains and increases investment attractiveness of the facility.

    ARMEX has been operating in the Russian commercial property market since 2001. During this time the company has acquired over 300 clients including such companies as Russian Railways, Rosneft, Rosoboronexport, Sheremetyevo International Airport, GUVD, MOESK, EXIAR, Sberbank SIB, Shell, Schlumberger, НР, Microsoft, etc.

    ARMEX was established as a structural unit of the ARMO group of companies to provide commercial facility maintenance and operation services.

    To date our portfolio totals over 1.5 million square meters of various purpose facilities – office and administrative buildings, shopping centers, hotels, medical, sports, and transportation facilities, etc.

    ARMEX key asset is its team of engineers whose experience and qualification allows to entrust us with the most demanding challenges. At present, our staff includes about 150 highly qualified specialists licensed and certified to design, install and operate sophisticated utility systems.

    Our mission is to provide consistent high quality service to our clients. Since 2010, ARMEX has implemented and has made active use of GOST ISO 9001-2011 compliant quality management system in the sphere of building operation and building system maintenance.