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5 February 2016 /

15% Discount on SIMPLEX Fire Alarm Maintenance Services

From February 10, 2016 we are offering 15% discount to all new clients signing year long agreement for SIMPLEX fire alarm maintenance services.


The special offer is valid exclusively for new clients on condition of signing a service agreement for 1 year.

The standard list of services provided within the framework of routine maintenance includes:

  1. External inspection of fire alarm control panels, detectors, annunciators, and alarm detection circuits for visible damage
  2. Functional test of all system elements including software
  3. Checkout and adjustment of system settings
  4. Control of main and backup power sources, test of auto power switching to backup power input
  5. Routine cleaning of all devices and their elements from dirt and dust
  6. Replacement of buttons, switches, fuses, and internal batteries
  7. Checking and restoring reliability of mounting and external connections
  8. Measuring safety and working ground resistance
  9. Insulation resistance test

Volume and frequency of maintenance is determined according to system complexity and individual requirements.

Here you can find detailed information about our comprehensive technical support and maintenance services for Simplex fire alarm system.