Russian Railways Office Building on Novorogozhskaya Street in Moscow

13,000 m²


10-story building, having total floor area of 13,000 square meters and 3-level underground parking is located close to 3rd ring road in Moscow. The facility can accommodate over 600 employees and is equipped with state-of-the-art building systems and powerful telecommunications infrastructure.

Services provided

Maintenance services in Russian Railways office building include: maintenance of building systems and pipelines, retrofit and repair of equipment, indoor and outdoor cleaning services, window and façade cleaning, snow disposal and roof deicing, doormat cleaning, carpet dry cleaning, fitness center and car wash operation management, as well as cloakroom management in winter.

ARMO Group designed and installed building systems for the project and implemented an Integrated Building Management System, which controls over 20 building systems. This Russian Railways facility is a highly automated building with over 8,000 control points and integrated equipment of different trade marks.

Under the building maintenance contract ARMEX provides maintenance of the following building systems: power supply, lighting, HVAC, water supply, automation and control, security and firefighting. In addition, our specialists provide uninterrupted and trouble-free operation of elevators, gates, and bars throughout the premises.

Building systems maintenance services include:

  • maintenance and servicing of systems and equipment, routine inspection, testing, setup and adjustment according to norms and technical standards applied to building systems and equipment;
  • after-inspection repair, or repair of damaged equipment for trouble-free system performance;
  • after-repair setup of building systems and equipment;
  • round-the-clock control of building systems and equipment by ARMEX specialists;
  • maintenance of elevators (regular inspections, accident preventive measures, retrofit and overhaul);
  • maintenance of gates and bars (routine inspection and adjustment of electronics and machinery);

Along with maintenance of building systems, ARMEX provides a full range of indoor and outdoor cleaning services; window and facade washing; dry cleaning of carpets, blinds and curtains, doormat cleaning, regular snow disposal, as well as roof cleaning from ice and snow.

In addition, ARMEX manages fitness center, including services of a professional coach and keeping sports facilities clean and in order. In winter ARMEX organizes operation of a cloakroom which can hold up to 240 garments, and provides qualified staff, responsible for safety of outdoor clothing and other stuff kept in the cloakroom. Besides, a car wash service for building tenants is organized in the parking area.

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